Better than an Ice Bath


Better than an Ice Bath

Better than an Ice Bath


If you’ve ever had to sit in an icy cold bath, you know how truly uncomfortable the experience can be! While you’re immersed in the cold, cold water, you’ll feel like you’re actually freezing.

In contrast, Whole Body Cryotherapy in Nassau County, NY, “tricks” the body into applying ameliorated healing mechanisms without the need for that miserable penetrating cold.

Whole Body Cryotherapy uses cold air instead of cold water. That’s important because the super-cooled air is able to trigger sensors located all along the surface of the skin that detect cold. If you were soaking in an ice bath, the cold would penetrate deeply into your muscles and joints.

And you’ll have to be in the tub for quite a while. With Whole Body Cryotherapy serving Wantagh, you’ll have a much more comfortable healing experience – and a much faster one, too.

With Whole Body Cryotherapy, your body is exposed to the cold for three minutes – or less!

There’s another downside to traditional ice baths. The way they work puts stress on the body.

Unlike Whole Body Cryotherapy, in a traditional ice bath, the cold water forces your body to turn on all its defenses against freezing. Warm blood, heated in the core of your body, is needed in the outer tissue – and it needs to be transported quickly. To make all of that happen and keep the surface of your skin from freezing requires the body to overexert itself.

In short, Whole Body Cryotherapy is safer, healthier and it’s also more effective than a traditional ice bath.

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