Championship Chilling

Championship Chilling

Championship Chilling

The Cleveland Cavaliers went into the NBA playoffs in 2015 weakened by injuries. The pressure was on superstar LeBron James to deliver. He helped the Cavs reach the finals thanks to his use of cryotherapy.

You don’t have to be competing on the national stage to benefit from the same cryotherapy that LeBron and other professional athletes have incorporated into their training routines. If you have an active lifestyle, then small muscle tears and strains are going to be part of the picture.

Whole Body Cryotherapy in Bellmore, New York, can help you maintain your health and performance levels. WBC increases circulation by exposing the body to ultra-cooled air, purifying the blood and transporting nutrients and oxygen to the body’s soft tissue.

Just like the ice pack your mom used to get out when you twisted your ankle, the cold temperatures used in WBC accelerate healing, allowing you to get back in the game and reach your ultimate potential.

Sore muscles and soft-tissue pain can generally be traced to inflammation caused by injury or overuse. Whole Body Cryotherapy works by stimulating your body’s own healing system. The cold temperatures speed up your circulation. Then the blood rushing through your body delivers healing oxygen and nutrients to the injured and inflamed areas.

That allows the process of healing within the soft tissues of the body to happen at an accelerated rate. Most patients report a reduction in pain immediately following a treatment in the cryotherapy spa.

That’s why LeBron and other world-class athletes like Usain Bolt and Cristiano Ronaldo began incorporating WBC into their training routines.

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