Cryotherapy and Rheumatoid Diseases


Cryotherapy and Rheumatoid Diseases

Cryotherapy and Rheumatoid Diseases

Substantial research has been done on the benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy – the kind of cryotherapy for New York residents that Cryotherapy Bellmore offers.

D. Metzger, C. Zwingmann, W. Protz and WH Jāckel are among the researchers who have looked into the benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy. Their paper, published in Die Rehabilitation, focused on the use of Whole Body Cryotherapy in the rehabilitation of patients suffering from rheumatoid diseases.

The specific aim of their study was to test whether significant pain relief could be achieved by means of this cold therapy. “We were interested in the practicability and acceptance of this new technique,” they wrote.

Among the diseases studied was fibromyalgia, a chronic pain disorder caused by overstimulation of the brain’s pain sensors. Whole Body Cryotherapy for East Meadow residents and their neighbors as well as for the patients included in the European study works by manipulating pain sensors into implementing a heightened level of the body’s natural healing mechanisms in response to cooler temperatures.

The researchers tracked wellbeing during the treatment application and pain level using verbal and numerical rating scales. The sample for the study consisted of 120 consecutive patients who were suffering from primary fibromyalgia (40.7%), rheumatoid arthritis (17.3%), chronic low back pain (16.4%), ankylosing spondylitis (10.9%), osteoarthritis (9.1%), secondary fibromyalgia (3.6%) and other autoimmune diseases (1.8%). The mean duration of symptoms

was four years.

The study concluded that, “The pain level after application of the cold therapy decreases significantly… The treatment procedure is practicable, and all in all well tolerated. From the patients' point of view, whole-body cold therapy is an essential part of the rehabilitation programme.”

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