Cryotherapy Bellmore

Beauty and Anti-Aging

Cryotherapy Bellmore

Cryotherapy Bellmore

Beauty and Anti-Aging

Beauty and Anti-Aging

We’re excited to be able to provide the latest, proven innovations in technology to ensure the ultimate athletic recovery and healing experience. Launched in 2016 by Martin Isaac after anextensive evaluation and approval process, Cryotherapy Bellmore is our latest step in providing innovative and leading-edge service to NY.


As Cryotherapy Bellmore grows, so will our services. We will continuously expand our facility to incorporate new proven and effective therapies in healing technology to make sure you heal faster and perform better.


1. Championship Chilling

The Cleveland Cavaliers went into the NBA playoffs in 2015 weakened by injuries. The pressure was on superstar LeBron James to deliver. He helped the Cavs reach the finals thanks to his use of cryotherapy.

You don’t have to be competing on the national stage to benefit from the same cryotherapy that LeBron and other professional athletes have incorporated into their training routines. If you have an active lifestyle, then small muscle tears and strains are going to be part of the picture.

Whole Body Cryotherapy in Bellmore, New York, can help you maintain your health and performance levels. WBC increases circulation by exposing the body to ultra-cooled air, purifying the blood and transporting nutrients and oxygen to the body’s soft tissue.

Just like the ice pack your mom used to get out when you twisted your ankle, the cold temperatures used in WBC accelerate healing, allowing you to get back in the game and reach your ultimate potential.

Sore muscles and soft-tissue pain can generally be traced to inflammation caused by injury or overuse. Whole Body Cryotherapy works by stimulating your body’s own healing system. The cold temperatures speed up your circulation. Then the blood rushing through your body delivers healing oxygen and nutrients to the injured and inflamed areas.

That allows the process of healing within the soft tissues of the body to happen at an accelerated rate. Most patients report a reduction in pain immediately following a treatment in the cryotherapy spa.

That’s why LeBron and other world-class athletes like Usain Bolt and Cristiano Ronaldo began incorporating WBC into their training routines.


2. It’s a Beautiful Thing

Whole Body Cryotherapy may help you speed up your metabolism and slow down the agingprocess.

The hyper-cool temperatures used in Whole Body Cryotherapy for Merrick, NY, residents and their neighbors increase circulation and stimulate your body’s own ability to heal and renew, leading to a more youthful complexion.

Putting the chill of WBC on your skin ramps up collagen production, the key ingredient for firm, healthy skin.

Actress Demi Moore discovered the potential of Whole Body Cryotherapy to promote a more youthful complexion and healthier hair when she was in her 50s. The process is so effective because it speeds up your metabolism and your circulation, delivering revitalizing oxygen and nutrients to your skin and enhancing the body’s ability to produce collagen.

Whether you’re in Hollywood or Nassau County, cryotherapy can be a powerful anti-aging beauty tool. In addition to a more youthful complexion, users like Demi report that this amazing – and amazingly quick – treatment has resulted in firmer skin, a reduction in cellulite and stronger, fuller hair.

Whole Body Cryotherapy triggers your body’s natural responses by drastically lowering your skin temperature. Your body thinks you’re freezing and so it works harder to keep you warm, cranking up your metabolism and stimulating your circulation. That means – on top of improvements to your complexion – Whole Body Cryotherapy can help you burn more calories.

In fact, some reports indicate that 500 to 800 calories are burned during each brief session.

If you’re ready to put this incredible anti-aging beauty regimen to work for you, please contact our trained staff today to schedule a visit. 3. Better than an Ice Bath If you’ve ever had to sit in an icy cold bath, you know how truly uncomfortable the experience can be! While you’re immersed in the cold, cold water, you’ll feel like you’re actually freezing.

In contrast, Whole Body Cryotherapy in Nassau County, NY, “tricks” the body into applying ameliorated healing mechanisms without the need for that miserable penetrating cold.

Whole Body Cryotherapy uses cold air instead of cold water. That’s important because the super-cooled air is able to trigger sensors located all along the surface of the skin that detect cold. If you were soaking in an ice bath, the cold would penetrate deeply into your muscles and joints.

And you’ll have to be in the tub for quite a while. With Whole Body Cryotherapy serving Wantagh, you’ll have a much more comfortable healing experience – and a much faster one, too.

With Whole Body Cryotherapy, your body is exposed to the cold for three minutes – or less!

There’s another downside to traditional ice baths. The way they work puts stress on the body.

Unlike Whole Body Cryotherapy, in a traditional ice bath, the cold water forces your body to turn on all its defenses against freezing. Warm blood, heated in the core of your body, is needed in the outer tissue – and it needs to be transported quickly. To make all of that happen and keep the surface of your skin from freezing requires the body to overexert itself.

In short, Whole Body Cryotherapy is safer, healthier and it’s also more effective than a traditional ice bath.


4. Safe & Healthy

Because Whole Body Cryotherapy uses cold air instead of cold water, the cooling agents never actually come into contact with your skin. WBC uses liquid nitrogen – the same stuff that, in its gaseous state, makes up 78% of the air you breathe.

Throughout your cryotherapy session near Oceanside, your internal body temperature will remain constant. That’s because the temperature change to your body brought on by the liquid nitrogen is only superficial. And your head never even enters the area of low temperature.

On top of the safe and healthy nature of the process, the Cryosauna has also been developed to ensure your safety. The machines used to conduct cryotherapy therapy for Nassau County residents are equipped with multiple safety features. For example, while the door closes during your brief treatment session, it will never lock.

But that’s just the beginning. The room where you will experience Whole Body Cryotherapy is equipped with oxygen sensors and proper ventilation systems to ensure optimal air quality. You can also consider our professional staff a safety feature! All of them are fully trained to make sure you experience both ultimate healing and ultimate safety To add to your comfort and safety, you will be in control of your environment at all times. A trained operator will always be with you to ensure your maximum safety.


5. Cryotherapy and Rheumatoid Diseases

Substantial research has been done on the benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy – the kind of cryotherapy for New York residents that Cryotherapy Bellmore offers.

D. Metzger, C. Zwingmann, W. Protz and WH Jāckel are among the researchers who have looked into the benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy. Their paper, published in Die Rehabilitation, focused on the use of Whole Body Cryotherapy in the rehabilitation of patients suffering from rheumatoid diseases.

The specific aim of their study was to test whether significant pain relief could be achieved by means of this cold therapy. “We were interested in the practicability and acceptance of this new technique,” they wrote.

Among the diseases studied was fibromyalgia, a chronic pain disorder caused by overstimulation of the brain’s pain sensors. Whole Body Cryotherapy for East Meadow residents and their neighbors as well as for the patients included in the European study works by manipulating pain sensors into implementing a heightened level of the body’s natural healing mechanisms in response to cooler temperatures.

The researchers tracked wellbeing during the treatment application and pain level using verbal and numerical rating scales. The sample for the study consisted of 120 consecutive patients who were suffering from primary fibromyalgia (40.7%), rheumatoid arthritis (17.3%), chronic low back pain (16.4%), ankylosing spondylitis (10.9%), osteoarthritis (9.1%), secondary fibromyalgia (3.6%) and other autoimmune diseases (1.8%). The mean duration of symptoms

was four years.

The study concluded that, “The pain level after application of the cold therapy decreases significantly… The treatment procedure is practicable, and all in all well tolerated. From the patients' point of view, whole-body cold therapy is an essential part of the rehabilitation programme.”


 6. An Innovative Approach to Inflammatory Conditions

If you want to maintain your athletic performance or are in need of healing, Cryotherapy Bellmore offers the latest, proven innovations in technology to deliver leading-edge cryotherapy for Suffolk County and beyond.

Following an extensive evaluation and approval process, Martin Isaac launched Cryotherapy Bellmore in 2016 to provide an innovative approach to athletic recovery and the healing experience.

Cryotherapy Bellmore has already grown – and will continue to do so as word about the successful experience our clients have come to know and rely on spreads. If you are looking for effective cryotherapy therapy in Nassau, Merrick, Oceanside or countless other towns and cities in New York, we can help.

Chronic pain, redness, swelling and stiffness are all part of the body’s natural response to an injury. Whole Body Cryotherapy works with the body’s natural healing mechanisms, making it an effective anti-inflammatory treatment for a host of conditions.

Whole Body Cryotherapy works with your body’s natural healing mechanisms and the body’s natural responses to colder temperatures. Cryotherapy offers relief for inflammatory conditions such as psoriasis and arthritis. Those who

suffer from fibromyalgia, a chronic pain disorder caused by overstimulation of pain sensors in the brain, have also found relief with Whole Body Cryotherapy. Whole Body Cryotherapy is so effective in treating inflammatory conditions – including muscle pain and strain from overuse – because the process manipulates your pain sensors.


7. When You Need a Boost

Approximately 20 million people in the United States suffer from depression annually. Women are twice as likely as men to experience depression.

The ultra-cool air used in Whole Body Cryotherapy triggers the release of a higher-than normal level of endorphins and other “feel-good” hormones in the brain. The added endorphins and elevated levels of adrenaline produced during a WBC session have led many users to report that they experience enhanced mood and increased energy thanks to the innovative treatment offered at Cryotherapy Bellmore in New York.

It’s important to note that people who are depressed are more likely to contract colds and come down with whatever bug is going around than their non-depressed counterparts. A visit to a cryotherapy spa may help you get through cold season unscathed and may provide some relief from the other symptoms of depression, which can include difficulty concentrating, remembering details and making decisions; fatigue and decreased energy; irritability, restlessness; and feelings of hopelessness.

Almost everyone will feel sad, lonely or down at various times in their lives. Depression can actually be a normal reaction to some of the challenges that life throws our way – like the death of a loved one, the end of a relationship or the loss of a job. In these cases, WBC may provide welcome assistance.

When sad, anxious or empty feelings become overwhelming, involve physical symptoms and persist for long periods of time, it can interfere with your quality of life. Clinical depression is a serious illness. If you think you or someone you love may be suffering from depression, please seek medical care.


8. The Benefits of Cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy was developed in its modern form in the 1970s. Since then, doctors in Europe and Asia have recommended it and the way it harnesses the body’s own natural responses to enhance health and wellness.

The introduction of Whole Body Cryotherapy to the United States is a relatively recent event.

Word is quickly spreading, though – thanks in part to the way professional athletes like LeBron James and Usain Bolt have embraced the treatment as a way to optimize physical performance. Cryotherapy Bellmore is proud to be in the vanguard of this innovative therapy, making cryotherapy in Wantagh, Oceanside and Bellmore a possibility.

And, while athletes celebrate its impact on their performance, clients have reported that they experience a wide variety of benefits following a session of Whole Body Cryotherapy. Many of them have reported that they feel less stressful, anxious or depressed. Others experience increased energy. Some say they sleep better or have an increased libido.

Other reported health and wellness benefits of the kind of treatments offered by Bellmore Cryotherapy in New York include:

  • Reduced inflammation (including in cases of fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis)
  • Enhanced immune function
  •  Quicker post-surgery recovery times
  •  Increased range of motion and flexibility
  •  Increased endurance
  • Tissue repair

Pain relief has also been reported by those who have visited a cryotherapy spa. That means thatthose who suffer from chronic pain may have a new weapon in their ongoing battle against pain.


9. The Historic Roots of Cryotherapy

The name "cryotherapy" is drawn from the Greek words cryo meaning cold and therapy, which translates as cure. There are records of cryotherapy being used as early as the 17 th century. Whole Body Cryotherapy is new in comparison. It first emerged in Japan in the late 1970s as an alternative in the treatment of arthritis. Whole Body Cryotherapy was adopted as an improvement over cold water immersion or ice packs. Soon WBC was being used to treat soft tissue pain, inflammation, fibromyalgia and psoriasis, too. It was also associated with an increase in metabolism and with revitalized skin.

The benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy were introduced in Europe in the 1980s. It is just within the past decade or so that cryotherapy has reached the United States and Australia.

And now this innovative treatment is being offered in New York by Bellmore Cryotherapy. In Nassau and Suffolk Counties, clients have experienced a range of reported benefits, including faster healing, increased range of motion and revitalized skin. The introduction of cryotherapy in Bellmore, New York, has brought relief to those who suffer from fibromyalgia as well as arthritis and psoriasis.

In addition to being more effective, Whole Body Cryotherapy has also proven to be much safer and healthier than a traditional ice bath. When you go outside on a bleak winter day, the cold seems to settle in your bones – no matter how many layers you bundle up in. That’s because of the moisture in the air. Imagine what immersing yourself in ice would do!

Whole Body Cryotherapy, on the other hand, is a dry process and, because dry air does not penetrate the body like the wind does on a winter day, Whole Body Cryotherapy is able to use temperatures that are considerably lower than you would experience – even in Buffalo!


10. Whole Body Cryotherapy and More

Bellmore Cryotherapy is proud to offer Whole Body Cryotherapy therapy in Nassau County and Suffolk County. To help you look and feel your best and to perform at your peak, we also offer a range of other treatments.

Local Cryotherapy targets specific areas and is used to reduce pain, inflammation and swelling, unlike Whole Body Cryotherapy, which triggers an internal systemic anti-inflammatory response in the body. Treating a localized area takes approximately 5-10 minutes – but the benefits exceed the more traditional and time-consuming use of ice.


Infrared Sauna therapy can be used to relieve pain and help deep tissues in the body to heal. While ultraviolet light can damage cells – as is the case when you get a sunburn, infrared light has a positive impact on the body, stimulating cells to regenerate and encouraging oxygen-rich blood to pump through your body. The Far Infrared heat used in Bellmore Cryotherapy’s sauna is able to penetrate far below the top skin layers and far deeper than a traditional sauna, delivering healing heat where it is needed.

Flotation Therapy is an effective antidote to stress. When you step into a floatation pod, magnesium-infused water supports you, allowing you to float effortlessly. The feeling of weightlessness relieves the stress on your body while the pod removes you from the hectic pace of modern life, eliminating sight and sound. The temperature of the water and air adjust so that you can no longer tell where one stops and the other begins. The effect is peaceful, calming.

Floatation therapy releases stress and tension. Suspended as if weightless in the water, you will find tension draining from every muscle while the cocoon-like darkness and silence of the pod allow your mind to free itself.

In addition to Whole Body Cryotherapy, New York residents will also find the iChill Facial, Spray Tanning and the slimming technology of Lipo Light offered at Bellmore Cryotherapy.

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