It’s a Beautiful Thing


It’s a Beautiful Thing

It’s a Beautiful Thing

Whole Body Cryotherapy may help you speed up your metabolism and slow down the agingprocess.

The hyper-cool temperatures used in Whole Body Cryotherapy for Merrick, NY, residents and their neighbors increase circulation and stimulate your body’s own ability to heal and renew, leading to a more youthful complexion.

Putting the chill of WBC on your skin ramps up collagen production, the key ingredient for firm, healthy skin.

Actress Demi Moore discovered the potential of Whole Body Cryotherapy to promote a more youthful complexion and healthier hair when she was in her 50s. The process is so effective because it speeds up your metabolism and your circulation, delivering revitalizing oxygen and nutrients to your skin and enhancing the body’s ability to produce collagen.

Whether you’re in Hollywood or Nassau County, cryotherapy can be a powerful anti-aging beauty tool. In addition to a more youthful complexion, users like Demi report that this amazing – and amazingly quick – treatment has resulted in firmer skin, a reduction in cellulite and stronger, fuller hair.

Whole Body Cryotherapy triggers your body’s natural responses by drastically lowering your skin temperature. Your body thinks you’re freezing and so it works harder to keep you warm, cranking up your metabolism and stimulating your circulation. That means – on top of improvements to your complexion – Whole Body Cryotherapy can help you burn more calories.

In fact, some reports indicate that 500 to 800 calories are burned during each brief session.

If you’re ready to put this incredible anti-aging beauty regimen to work for you, please contact our trained staff today to schedule a visit.

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